< Back to Homepage Untitled I buy porcelain objects that I like. I smash them on the walls or on the floor. Then I glue the pieces back letting them […]


< Back to Homepage I use my hair as a part of me and I place them in to a composition, a still life, which simulates a reality. A confined […]

Woollen Knittings

< Back to Homepage Knittings Time is immaterial, but it shows itself when it is measured. In any work of art there is a period of time, which has been […]

Who Killed Cock Robin

< Back to Homepage A sculptural installation made up of a 3 meter long woolen crochet. It encloses a nursery rhyme written on the artist’s own skin that has been […]


< Back to Homepage This body of work explores the traditional, domestic and romantic role of women. The reminiscing yearning for the past is characterized through the nostalgic American musicals […]

Musical Embroidery

< Back to Homepage Η Δέσποινα Ησαΐα οικειοποιείται και καθιστά προσωπικό τον φαντασιακό χώρο των κινηματογραφικών μιούζικαλ τοποθετώντας τον εαυτό της στο ρόλο της ηρωίδας στα κεντημένα πορτρέτα της, που […]

Pink Satin

< Back to Homepage DESTE FOUNDATION …Despina Isaia creates another kind of dissonance in a series of works based on a pink satin comforter from her childhood. After asking several […]